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Год выпуска
: 2006
Вид спорта: Каякинг
Производство: Heliconia Press, Young Gun Productions
Краткое описание: The film contains some amazing extreme kayaking: big volume paddling, huge drops, steps, cool playboating and getting worked really bad (check out the carnage classics)… The locations are spread all over the world: Canada, California, Madagascar (incl. first descent of Ikopa River), New Zealand and the White Nile. Well, and then there is lots of goofing around, partying and showing off.
Каякеры: Rush Sturges, Steve Fisher, Tyler Bradt, Patrick Camblin, Laura Nash, Charlie Center, Dan Simenc, Ben Brown, Merlin Henauer, Dustin Urban
Длительность: 35 минут
Язык: английский
Формат: DVD


THE HELICONIA PRESS, leader in paddlesports publications, has teamed up with famed, Young Guns Productions (YGP), to bring you the most anticipated action kayaking film of 2006, Dynasty.

Join the Young Guns all star crew as they document their global kayaking adventure: from launching into the White Nile’s legendary Hypoxia rapid, nailing the first ever Hail Mary off New Zealand’s Maruia Falls, to experiencing first descents on the thundering rivers of Madagascar. If you thought the new school of kayaking had reached its peak, Dynasty is here to say you are mistaken! Over the past three years, the Young Guns have established themselves as the leaders of the next generatin in whitewater kayaking, and with their recent features in FHM and Men’s Journal magazines, their popularity has spilled outside the paddlesport industry.

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The DVD is divided into chapters per location. Typically, within a chapter paddlers are “introduced” (i.e. a close-up and the paddler’s name) and what follows is some of their best paddling. Often, only short sequences show the highlights of a particular section or move, while the approaching line and the exit are omitted…
Dynasty Pat CamblinProduction

The film shows a good mix of playboating and whitewater kayaking, rounded up with a few great landscapes. The shots are taken from jet skis, helicopters and from the river banks. It’s all spiced up with lots of trashy music which fits the shots well… though there are some softer tones too… The soundtrack is available as a download (through www.helipress.com ) and features Swollen Members, Bedouin Soundclash, Slightly Stoopid… and Young Guns’ own Rush Sturges.

This film had a big budget, which you can tell not only by the list of sponsors in the intro, but by many things, ranging from locations over equipment to DVD chapters.

This film is pure entertainment, a flood of short, though exciting extreme kayaking shots… It’s not about any story, or any talking! Don’t expect too much depth. If this is what you want, hell yeahh, you won’t be disappointed…

Personally, I would have preferred a bit more depth. It’s “merly” a line up of highlights. And one could also argue that the film is pretty commercial. Anyways… it features some really cool and exciting paddling.

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