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Год выпуска: 2008
Вид спорта: Каякинг
Производство: Heliconia Press, Young Gun Productions
Краткое описание: Made in Patagonia, Vietnam, California, Uganda, Madagascar, Canada, Mexico, Brazil
Каякеры: Tyler Bradt, Rush Sturges, Evan Garcia, Anthony Yap, Tanya Shuman, Charlie Center, Marlow Long, Brooks Baldwin, Ben Marr, Logan Graying and Patrick Camblin
Длительность: 90 минут
Язык: английский
Формат: DVD


Фильм от создателей Dynasty. Made in Patagonia, Vietnam, California, Uganda, Madagascar, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

Young Gun Productions outstrip all expectations with their new double-feature release Source and State of the Art.

Source provides unique insight into the lives of some of the biggest names in kayaking while following their global journey to experience new cultures, meet new people and push their limits in spectacular whitewater. You’ll journey across Vietnam, travel to the remote canyons of the high Sierras, explore new heights in freestyle, and witness the descent of the tallest waterfall ever paddled.

State of the Art is a film that showcases the new school kayaking movement and the athletes that drive the sport to unheard of levels. If you want non-stop action set to a bumpin’ soundtrack, State of the Art is for you!


107-ft World Record Waterfall Descent by Tyler Bradt and Rush Sturges

The Boyz are stomping massive waterfalls including 3 that are higher than 95ft. The freestyle side of it is off the hook with new waves found and new heights performed.

The flick also has a ridiculous soundtrack. YGP had several original tracks created for the film from professional composers of blockbuster hits like The Matrix, Matrix:Reloaded, 300 and Fight Club.

Независимый обзор

The movie takes the viewer along an awe inspiring ride that portrays the lifestyle and radical adventures of three close friends.



This DVD has superb, high quality footage of some of the finest athletes in our sport – no doubt. I’ve reviewed several different kayaking films for Playak already, including some really good ones but this one really does stand out with the best of them. I would be very hard pressed not to choose this as my new top three. It seems they just keep getting better and better. Hardcore waterfalls and rapids are shown with beautiful landscapes breaking the rhythm. There are also loads of interviews, if I can call them that, where the kayakers give their thoughts to the situation and I found this really tells a far greater story than purely showing what most people now refer to as ‘kayak porn’. Several non-kayaking friends of mine have seen this too and they walked away saying wow.

Source – Young Gun Productions

If waterfall running is your thing, then this is the one for you. I don’t think I’ve seen another flick with this many monster drops being run, inspirational stuff. It also includes a second run of the previous world record – Johnston Falls, as well as the new world record Alexandra Falls at a mind blowing 107 feet.

Locations range from Vietnam, California, to the Rio Baker in Patagonia, Alexandra Falls in Canada, Quebec and down to tropical Mexico. All of these featuring some of the gnarliest drops you’ve seen being run, guaranteed.

It seems that the ‘Young Guns’ are seen as very arrogant and cocky by the general paddling fraternity, but as one of them told me, mostly, they’re just messing around and taking the piss. I guess everyone tends to prejudge people based on what they perceive but in the end, they’re just people like you and me; travelling around the world, having fun and creating some of the finest films on shoestring budgets. With the current decline in sponsorship across the sport, I hope we can still sit back and enjoy fine features such as these in the coming years.

Source – Young Gun Productions

There is actually another film on the DVD which I felt was unfair to add as an extra – State of the Art. It is as long as Source and almost as good! The way in which it is shown is a little different though. Various athletes are shown with accompanying clips and some good music. Virtually no talking and about 30 minutes of non-stop action. While some of the rapids and waterfalls may be recognisable from the main movie Source, the angles and people paddling them are all different. In another words, two great movies in one.


The music is really great. It definitely helps to create the mood and every segment is well matched with its corresponding tracks. While music is naturally a very personal thing, I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard.

Source – Young Gun Productions


Looking to see how the world’s best tackle some of craziest drops through high quality filming, action packed scenes and interesting interviews? Then this one is for you. Get your copy today, you will not regret it – satisfaction guaranteed.



There are nine extra features to enjoy. A slideshow, promotional movie about the World Class Kayak Academy, some great carnage shown at Cherry Bomb Falls, the Teva Creek Race, Teva/LVM Top Ten, Last Descents trailer and a few other things to keep it interesting.


For Playak,
Adrian Tregoning

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